Taking Liv Rio Sportswear to the Next Level of Fashionable Sportswear in Scottsdale, AZ.


6 months ago, my husband and I moved our family of five to Scottsdale, AZ, for my husband’s dream job working as an executive for the Arizona Coyotes. Before we moved here my husband had 2 job offers, one was for Google and one for the Coyotes. The job at Google was a pretty amazing opportunity, with the advantage that we could stay in the Bay Area and we would still be close to family and friends. However, I knew that working in sports was my husband’s dream and I wanted to support whatever opportunity he felt was best for his career.  I started researching the business market in Arizona, specifically the fitness leggings and fashion athletic wear industries, in Arizona. I found the it would be a great opportunity for Liv Rio to grow our online sportswear and boutique fitness presence. Arizona State University and the cities of Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale have numerous programs for women entrepreneurs, and opportunities for startups.

We moved to Scottsdale back in August and I started to apply for different entrepreneurial programs in hopes that one would accept me. To my surprise I was accepted to all of the programs that I applied. Everybody was impressed with the job I had done to get Liv Rio off the ground and the sales we had accomplished in year one. It was that moment, when all these acceptance letters came in that I finally realized that I could do this and that I just had to have more faith in myself. With the right people by my side I could take Liv Rio to the next level. In December, I started the Sparxx20 program at ASU, it’s a women’s entrepreneurship program through Arizona State University, where they focus on your business, and give you all the right resources to help you grow. Being from another country and having English be my second language, I was very nervous about public speaking. Giving the elevator pitch, standing in front of all these amazing entrepreneurs in my class, and talking about Liv Rio every week was a struggle, but the professors and fellow students were so supportive and they always made me feel that I could do this. I learned that everybody could see and feel my passion for the business, and that I was Liv Rio. I am my brand, I am the carioca (woman from Rio) in the US always having fun, being adventurous, keeping busy, making people smile and enjoying motherhood.

After 3 months in the program, we get our mentors, and they start to work with us directly on our business. The best part… ASU pays for the whole thing. That part is truly an amazing blessing, we get all the resources we need to make our business successful, Through the program I received a:

  • lawyer
  • brand agency
  • consultant agency
  • and Kristin Slice (Marketing Consultant) that helps women entrepreneurs with her amazing and creative ideas

Its been incredible to work with these mentors, and discovering so many things I have done right and even more things that were missing that I just didn’t have any idea. I’ve spent so many hours with Kristin improving Liv Rio, and brain storming, every meeting is so intense, and I leave there overwhelmed with all the work I need to get done, but I get home and I get to work, and as soon as I see that I could do it, I get even more excited and motivated to do even more. They encourage me to be better and to believe that if I push myself I can do it.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be working on rebranding Liv Rio with a new more fashion forward logo, website, pictures and more. I feel truly blessed to be sharing this journey with all of you and I know that together we can make Liv Rio a huge success.


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