Why we chose our new logo.


After so many meetings, going to different brand & marketing agencies, and running with our original logo for the first 18 months in business, we decided that it was time to make a change. I kept getting feedback from professional advisors and mentors in the industry saying that I should have a clean visual and more modern logo to match our brand.

At Sparxx program (ASU entrepreneurship program) we learned that when rebranding your business you should always ask at least 100+ people and do as much research as possible. During this extensive process we asked so many people about the different logo designs that we were looking at. I texted friends, family and posted on social media, to try and get feedback from wide range of personalities. I’m not going to lie, at some points it becomes a little overwhelming – each person has a different opinion, and I kept getting more and more confused. Eventually, I decided to narrow the list of people I would ask, and I focused on friends that have been in business for a long time and people that have been involved in the brand and marketing side of entrepreneurship. What’s funny, is we ended up with the very first logo that my husband and I both liked at very start of the process… Often times your first instinct is the right one.

When we started the process of redesigning the logo my idea was to represent a high end, luxury, lifestyle brand. We make clothes for women to wear all day, to feel comfortable, and at the same to feel pretty, sexy and stylish.

The (3) circles represent Brazil – when we think about Brazil we think about vacation, beach life, and nature.  The (3) colors, yellow, blue and green represent the colors of my native country. And finally, we removed the “sportswear” because we feel that we have moved away from a straight sportswear company to more a Lifestyle fashion brand. Not to  mention, everyone likes to say that they are wearing their “Liv Rios”… has a much better ring to it then ” I’m wearing my Liv rio sportswear.” In case you are wondering we are leaving the website the same http://www.livriosportswear.com but from hear on out we will be referring to our brand as Liv Rio.

It has been a huge process but we are thrilled to get through our first official rebrand. We hope you like the new logo as much as we do.


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