Fashionable sportswear

I bought my first pair of Liv Rio leggings over two years ago and I’ve tested them to death.

I workout five to six  days a week and use them on a weekly basis.  The Lycra material allows them to stretch and shape retention.   In addition, the color has not faded and they move with me.  They mold to my body and provide great flexibility for cross-training, spinning and/or doing squads with weights.
Liv Rio leggings are comfortable and dependable.  Sometimes, I wear them go to shopping and on long flights due to their comfort.  The selection of colors and the engineered designs has allowed me to used other colors besides black.    Lastly, the leggings or tights hold moisture away from my body, which gives me freedom to wear fashionable and fun colors of leggings during my difficult workouts, shopping or long walks on the beach.